Low-Cost Loans for Employees

Kashable offers employees a better way to tackle costly debt and unexpected expenses. That’s why we call it Socially Responsible Credit ™

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Could loan benefits be the next big thing in voluntary?

With many of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, credit and loan benefits are becoming a more appealing voluntary option for employees.

Bosses Turn to Loans to Help Employees

As an alternative, employers are joining with firms such as Kashable to help fund and service loans.

The Rising Retirement Perils of 401(k) 'Leakage'

American companies are trying to stop employees from raiding their 401(k)s, in an attempt to ensure that older workers can afford to retire and make room for younger, less-expensive hires.

Non-Insurance AKA: Employee Perks

Perhaps the hottest trend emerging within the employee benefits space is non-insurance offerings…

What can Tabasco sauce teach advisers about 401(k) loans?

Companies like Kashable allow employees to access credit and pay back a loan via payroll deductions.

Employers Offer Alternatives to 401(k) Loans

Employers may mean well when they allow employees to take 401(k) loans, and the vast majority of workers with 401(k)s have this option.

Are Employers The Low-Dollar Lenders Of The Future?

But that number might be growing, as employers are joining with firms such as Kashable LLC, Ziero Financial Inc. and Zebit Inc. to help fund ...